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SKC Surveyors & Loss Adjusters was established in 1995,

located in Jordan.


Stiban Kawar Company, better known as SKC Surveyors and Loss Adjusters, was established to serve the market with high quality, factual, accurate, technical reports, with the long term goal of equipping our applicants with data that will help
them make a decision as to how to handle incidents and pursue resolutions.

We translate what it means to be a loss adjuster from theory to practice.


When appointed, our surveyors are merely inspectors, and investigators of the damage. Through such appointment we recognize, verify, and witness nature of damage. Investigate the circumstances of the accident and its prime causation. Finally, determine magnitude of damage, defining means and costs to reinstate the pre-fortuity condition or value.

Our appointment as Adjusters, on the other hand, surpasses previous/above surveyors’ tasks, and entails managing the claim, investigating and defining liabilities, pursuing means for salvage and recoveries, and applying insurance policy clauses and conditions, ending with negotiating the claim and reaching settlement agreement with claimants.

Our knowledge of processes, systems, and documentation answers the question; Why SKC?

Because we are experienced.

Because we obtain the knowledge.

Because we are thorough; factual, and legal .

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