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Repatriation of human remains

Repatriation of human remains


SKC started as a marine and non-marine survey company. Yet due to the background of its founder; Amjad Kawar, and his pre SKC market experience of managing Lloyd’s Agency in Amman for ten years while also being an in-house surveyor and claim adjuster, gave the impression that the company is only specialized in marine surveys. Soon after establishment, SKC served renowned names like McLarens (McLarens Toplis at the time), Marsh, PICC, Galram, in addition to the local insurance market.

Highlights of our career

Our Partners

Apart from the prominent international names, we also serve the local market, and work with all prominent local insurance companies, both in the Marine and the Non-Marine side of the business.


Two Men Shaking Hands

Pre SKC, Amjad Kawar managed the Lloyd’s Agency in Amman for ten years (1985 – 1995). The job entailed training, managing, monitoring, and following up on surveyors, not to mention survey jobs executed by Amjad, being and in-house surveyor himself. It also includes outsourcing surveyors and monitoring their work. Negotiating claims with claimants, and executing adjustments, was another responsibility. Travelling, meeting principals, and attending conferences were also tasks for Mr. Kawar as Lloyds Agency Manager.

Amjad Kawar experience includes having been Imports Manager at an international FMCG company for ten years, which enriched his knowledge in international trade, shipping, documentation, government procedures and logistics.
The rich experience, good knowledge of the industry, and establishing a renowned name in the market, helped achieving success when establishing SKC Surveyors and Loss Adjusters.

Our Portfolio

The most recent major claim handled by SKC Surveyors and Loss Adjusters was the claim on ONEGO MERCHANT in May 2019. The claim for wetting of cargo in hold number one, was initially for 1.7 M dollars, and was finalized at 238 k dollars after collecting recovery from carriers.
In April 2018, a flash flood damaged several warehouses in Zerka Free Zone area. A local insurer commissioned SKC Surveyors and Loss Adjusters to adjust losses of logistics company storage warehouse, which contained over 250 consignment of multi and various item each, owned by over 200 companies. The initial claim was over 2.5 M dollars and was adjusted at 158 k dollars.

Image by Domagoj Kolonić

Community Service

In Feb 2019, a Flash Flood inundated the Amman downtown area, with flood levels up to 1.2 m high above street level. Buildings basements and sub-street level shops and storage warehouses filled with all sorts of cargoes for all sorts of trade were all devastated. SKC Surveyors & Loss Adjusters was among the handful survey and adjusting companies that were commissioned by the judicial court to adjust losses. We adjusted 20 different claims totally free as service to the community

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